Experience the thrill of aerial photography with the Diatone GT R349 RC Drone. This high-performance drone is perfect for capturing stunning images and videos from above.

The drone features a 135mm wheelbase and 3-inch propellers, ensuring stable and agile flight. It is available in lucency, black, or white, allowing you to choose your preferred style.

Powered by a 4S Lipo battery (not included), the drone delivers impressive performance and extended flight time. The Mamba F405 mini flight controller, along with the MPU6000 and AT7456 OSD, ensures precise control and reliable operation. The 16M flash and 5V 1A BEC provide ample storage and power for your flights.

Equipped with the Mamba F25/25A 4S ESC Dshot600, the drone offers smooth and efficient motor control. The Mamba Racing MB1408 4000KV brushless motor delivers powerful performance, allowing for dynamic maneuvers and fast-paced flights.

Capture breathtaking aerial footage with the RunCam Micro Swift camera, known for its exceptional image quality. The integrated RunCam TX200U 48CH 25/200mW VTX ensures stable and reliable video transmission.

The Diatone GT R349 RC Drone is designed for ease of use and durability. With its ready-to-go state of assembly, you can start flying right out of the box. The remote control, charging time, and dimensions are as described in the product specifications.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, the Diatone GT R349 RC Drone offers an exciting and immersive flying experience. Take to the skies and capture stunning aerial shots with this advanced and reliable drone.

Brand name: Diatone
Item name: GT R349 RC Drone
Wheel base: 135mm
Propeller: 3 inch
Color: lucency / black / white
Weight: 130g
Lipo battery: support 4S (not included)
Flight controller: Mamba F405 mini; MPU6000; AT7456 OSD; 16M flash; 5V 1A BEC.
ESC: Mamba F25 / 25A 4S ESC Dshot600
Motor: Mamba Racing MB1408 4000KV
Camera: RunCam Micro Swift
VTX: RunCam TX200U 48CH 25 / 200mW

Package included:
1 x Diatone GT R349 135mm RC Drone

Weight N/A

White, Black, Clear