Introducing the Smart Star Galaxy Laser Projector, a mesmerizing light fixture that will transform any room into a stunning starry paradise. This projector is designed to create a unique and immersive atmosphere, making it perfect for home entertainment and special occasions.

With a power of 5W, the Smart Star Projector utilizes advanced laser technology to project a breathtaking display of stars and water wave patterns. The projection angle of 120 degrees ensures a wide coverage, filling the room with a magical ambiance.

Made from high-quality ABS material, this projector is durable and built to last. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and set up in different locations. Whether you’re hosting a party, decorating your bedroom, or simply want to create a soothing atmosphere, this projector is a versatile choice.

The projector can be powered by a DC 5V input, ensuring compatibility with various power sources. It operates within a temperature range of 14℉ to 95℉ (-10℃ to 40℃), allowing for safe and reliable use in different environments.

Featuring WiFi connectivity, the Smart Star Projector can be easily controlled using the dedicated mobile app. You can adjust the brightness according to your preference, set flexible timing for automatic on/off, and even synchronize it with voice assistants like Alexa and OK Google for convenient hands-free control.

The package includes the Starry Projector Lighting Lamp, a user manual for easy setup and operation, and a USB cable for powering the device.

This projector is perfect for a variety of settings and occasions, including parties, bars, clubs, family gatherings, birthdays, weddings, festivals, and more. It can also be used outdoors, allowing you to explore nature while enjoying a mesmerizing light display.

Create a captivating atmosphere with the Smart Star Galaxy Laser Projector and bring the beauty of the starry sky into your space. It’s not only a decorative piece but also a source of joy and wonder for everyone to enjoy.

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