Introducing our cutting-edge 3D Magnetic Levitation Moon Light and Star Light. This remarkable technology combines 3D printing and magnetic levitation to create a stunning visual experience that will captivate and mesmerize.

With the ability to support customized logos, text, and pictures, you can personalize these lights to make them truly unique and special.

The standard configuration includes the starry sky light, a base, power adapter, and a user manual for easy setup and operation.

The starry sky light has a diameter of 14cm, creating a beautifully illuminated moon-like sphere that floats effortlessly in mid-air. The base, with a diameter of 19.5cm, provides a stable and secure platform for the levitating light.

One of the key features of this product is its electromagnetic induction power source. It doesn’t require a built-in battery, and there are no visible connection lines between the moon light and the power supply, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

The starry sky ball light offers three color options: white light, warm white light, and warm yellow light. Simply touch the light to switch between the different color modes and create the desired ambiance.

Once the base is connected to the power supply and the switch is turned on, it enters a working state. When the ball light is placed on top of the base, it automatically lights up. As long as the power supply remains connected, the light will stay illuminated.

In addition, the ball light has a rotating feature, adding an extra element of intrigue and enchantment to the overall experience.

Compared to traditional lamps, our ball lamp consumes less electricity while delivering the same level of illumination, making it an energy-efficient choice.

Experience the wonder of our 3D Magnetic Levitation Moon Light and Star Light, and elevate your space with its innovative design and mesmerizing effects.

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