The Broadlink RM4 Pro is a universal remote for you to control infrared/RF appliances through your smartphone (IOS & Android). Portable and durable, easy to carry, lightweight.
Users can control the appliances anywhere at any time once they can connect mobile internet (Either Wifi or GPRS).
For example, you can create a “presentation mode” so that consecutive actions (E.g. Close the curtains→Turn on the computer→Turn on the projector→The projector switch to the particular channel) will be taken at 9 a.m. every day.
Except controlling appliance directly, users can also preset scheduling, a theme so that appliances will turn on / off automatically under different themes.
This item is just updated, and now it has some new features: Appearance has changed, which increases cooling holes, also enhances RF and IR receiving and transmitting functions. Chip has been upgraded, enhances automatic retrieval and wifi connection functions.
Compatible with “e-Control” and overseas version “intelligent home” Scene function is even more perfect, better compatible with other for Broadlink smart products and products containing Bola DNA kit, such as for Tmall Genie, some Midea air conditioners and water heaters, etc.
It is the real ultimate universal remote control with the following
Support 80,000+ TVs, air conditioners, audios.
Automatic codes update from cloud
Automatic device matching without learning
Support 433Mhz wireless devices
for iOS/Android app control from anywhere
Home/away mode, sleep/wake-up mode, parents mode and security mode
Ultra signal strength and 360-degree coverage
Support all IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD and etc.Package Includes:
1 x Broadlink RM4 PRO Controller
1 x USB Cable
Weight N/A

RM4C Mini, Broadlink RM4 PRO